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Welcome to the home of the VATSIM Oceania Region.

VATSIM Oceania is the Oceanic Region of the VATSIM Network that administers the airspace for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The Oceanic Region is made up of two regional divisions. Each division is responsible for certain airspace within the region.

VATSIM is a worldwide network dedicated to providing a simulated Air Traffic Control environment. Free software allows pilots to connect their home flight simulator software to the network to interact with other pilots and receive ATC from real people.

As VATSIM is a network that encompasses and includes people all around the world, the network has the following privacy policies in place which ensure that the information of our members remain private.

The VATSIM Executive Committee.

The VATSIM Executive Committee is made up of the 6 regional directors. This group is where VATSIM operationalises the strategic directions and makes whole of VATSIM policies and rules. This committee also reviews the progress of each region and will escalate issues to the Board of Governors when needed.


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