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by Joshua Micallef - Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 7:21 AM

Welcome to the VATSIM Oceania Authorised Training Organisation! 

We are an approved Pilot Training Organisation currently rated to provide P1 and P2 Training for pilots with P3 - P5 currently in the works. We are currently the only training organization to provide courses specifically for Australia and New Zealand.

Our staff currently includes:

Chief Flying Instructor:

Joshua Micallef

Australian Instructors:

Callum Strawbridge
Daryl Lyons 
Paul Tyquin  

New Zealand Instructors:

  • Alex Dent

All of us have a wealth of experience from ATPL's to PPL's to works within aviation today to in-depth Air Traffic Control knowledge we cover both Australian and New Zealand operations and procedures in our courses. We hope to see you online soon and join us on Discord for any help you may need! For perms just message one of our friendly instructors or myself and we'll be able to give them to you. Join here:

If you have any issues, feedback, complaints, or just want some help, feel free to email me: (tbc)

Kind Regards,

Joshua Micallef