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by Cam Tyson - Friday, 26 January 2018, 10:12 PM

Welcome to the VATSIM Oceania Authorised Training Organisation! 

We are an approved Pilot Training Organisation currently rated to provide P1 Training for pilots with P2 - P5 currently in the works. We are currently the only training organisation to provide courses specifically for Australia and ...

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Available courses

P1 is the gateway to the pilot ratings, the P1 course will teach students how to setup essential software and learn how this software works. Students will learn basic information about being a pilot such as flight rules, how to select runways and flight planning. They will learn how to connect to the VATSIM network and be able to find weather information and helpful sources such as charts and maps of aerodromes. Students will learn about basic Air Traffic Control communication skills that are crucial to online flying, they will also learn how to follow ATC instructions using Navigation and instruments available to them. Finally, students will learn about what VATSIM is and the different policies that you agree to when you sign up to VATSIM.